One of the most compelling reasons people consider “consultancy” is that you become your own boss!  As a result you may work from home.  This is attractive to those who hate the thought of driving to work every day – the rat race grind of being stuck in commuter traffic endlessly!

To work from home you need to have a business that will support you – or more than that provide you with an income satisfactory for you aspirations.  For some this may be just enough to justify not working for a wage every day – for others becoming self employed is intended to be a route to riches.

Choosing consultancy means that you are taking something you are good at, perhaps what you were doing as your daily job (e.g. as an accountant, lawyer or marketing executive, and providing advice and services to others for a fee.  For many this will just be an extension of their previous career, because they might have been responsible for winning work, doing it and then making the customer deliver payment!

However, going it alone as a consultant, even if you employ staff, means that the only support you have is what you put in or create yourself.  Therefore starting up as a consultant can be a very lonely business opportunity

My own experiences as a fraud expert and forensic accountant have shown that it is so important that you do as much networking, event attendance and coffee catch ups with business friends as possible.  This maintains a mindset that is strong enough to manage particularly the early days as a consultant working from home.

This can be supplemented by regular contact on relevant internet forums and possibly an occasional chat comment with a friend or two in a similar situation using Skype.

The message I would like to get across when considering the business opportunity of consultancy, probably working from home, is:

…don’t become isolated!  Just because you are not driving into the office every day does not mean that you become a recluse.  If you let this happen, your ability to win new work will suffer and your new business opportunity will be a failure…

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