This post is aimed at work at home mums that are forced to stay at home to look after their children, and could easily apply to the situation where it is the father who remains at home while his wife or partner is the main breadwinner going out to work for a full day.

Being work at home moms, forced to stay at home, does not mean that you need not be productive and bring some income into the family home. However, time available for any father or mother who has to look after the children and also keep the home in good shape is likely to be limited. So ideally a part time business that can be picked up and put down would suit the busy mom or pop!

Being able to take just an hour or two here and there lends itself to work that does not have a deadline and can be ignored for a day or two if needed. The ideal business opportunity that springs to mind is to set up a web site in an area of personal interest.

Writing articles for a hobby site can be very satisfying, especially if you can make some money from this. This is possible by adding Internet advertisements to your web pages. If all this sounds highly technical then think again! If you follow these basic instructions you can have a simple web site up and running in an hour and ready to earn you money from any traffic that starts to visit.

1. Go on the Internet and search for “”. Follow the simple instructions on the site and you can have a WordPress blog site of your very own for free.

2. Opens an “AdSense” account with Google – easily done and plenty of instructions to walk you through the process.

3. On your wordpress blog dashboard find the part which allows you to “add plug-ins” and search for easy AdSense. Paste in some AdSense code from your AdSense account.

4. Write short 400/500 word articles about your hobby that will interest visitors to your site and who will click on the advertisement and earn you money!

Yes – it does sound rather easier than it is. But it is still easy to do and step by step instructions can be obtained from mentoring organisations such as Keyword Academy and a host of others.

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