If you decide that you want to make money online blogging, you will find that there are a number of ways to get started.  Do you start off with a free blogger blog or is a self hosted WordPress blog the best option?  The best answer – both.

So let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that you are ready to make an attempt at creating your own internet business.  You were probably just a little bit wary of the entire concept and not quite sure you want to make the commitment that it would take to register your own domain name and sign up for hosting, etc. A free blogger blog might just be the answer for you.

Let’s say for instance that you find this incredibly profitable keyword, and you want to make a blog about it.  You are not quite confident enough to shell out the money to buy the domain name and hosting, but you still think it’s going to be a good keyword, and can probably make you some money.  I often recommend that a beginner starts by going to blogger.com, and setting up a free blog.  You can build your blog around that keyword, add content to it, work on getting back links to it, and basically learning everything else you need to know without having to worry too much about doing anything that might hurt that keyword’s potential in the future.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll probably find that even though you’re not making a whole lot of money from that blog, you are probably making a little something.  You will have also probably noticed that that new blog has gained quite a bit of authority with Google and the other search engines.  That may be just the perfect time to go ahead and take the plunge into buying the domain name and hosting with the money that you’ve been making on the blogger blog.  Once that is done, you’ll find it fairly easy to pass along a lot of the authority from your free blog onto your new self hosted WordPress blog.

Once you have your WordPress blog set up, it’s all gravy from there.  Having a WordPress blog with your own hosting gives you almost endless opportunities to build your blog into whatever you’d like it to be.  That’s really the great thing about earning online with your own Internet business: you can start for almost nothing and build it into an empire.

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