Let’s say you lost your job, had no savings and no one to borrow money from. Could you come up with $100 in a day or two, legitimately? Don’t feel bad, most people couldn’t. But I’ve been in a similar situation several times in my life and I’ve learned ways to make money that other people overlooked or just wouldn’t take the effort to do. As with any method, if you’re not willing to put forth the time and effort, it isn’t going to work for you!

Here are a few ways to make money in a rather quick way. Ways your Mama never told you (if she told you any way at all!!)

One of my favorite past times is hunting for old junk to resell. For me, it’s a challenge to find something of value another person has thrown away or under valued. I love browsing through pawn shops or visiting estate auctions looking for bargains. I’ve done really well over the years doing this. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to know something about the products you’re searching for. You can lose a lot of money on stuff if you don’t know what you’re buying.

I know a guy who runs a home based business. He has a flat bed pickup and advertises locally that he’ll clean out your Garage and haul off your junk for free. The catch? He gets to rummage through all that stuff and find items of value that people throw away. And even in this economy, people throw away a lot of valuable items! In fact, he says his “business” has really picked up since the recession hit.

Another way to make money that has worked well for me is to watch the freebie section on Craigslist. I then make several pickups during the day and then come home, sort the stuff and either list it on Craigslist for sale or put it up on eBay. You’d be amazed at what people give away just to get rid of it! I bet this is another way to make money your Mama never told you about!

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