Many money making programs seem to offer the chance to make extra income. The trouble is that the people offering them know that they have two ways of enticing the unwary into parting with their already hard earned cash.

The first is to present a lavish shop front, using all, the extravagant marketing techniques open to them and quoting hundreds of happy customers. This method nearly always crosses the line between advertising and misrepresentation – yet not so far that it runs too much risk of the authorities bothering to investigate.

The second method is more subtle. It uses toned down sensible sounding narrative and lacks the razzmatazz of the first. It emulates some of the shop front of recognized and successful businesses and attempts to inspire confidence. It wants to be your friend knowing that this friendship will likley never be tested.

There is no doubt that there are plenty of good honest hard working ways to make money. Some are capable of making a lot, some a little. It really depends on matching the right sort of person with the appropriate business model and hopefully obtaining (at reasonable cost) some good mentoring, training or instructions to pursue the business opportunity. This is not straight forward, but it is even harder when you have the scams and over hyped or worthless business programs to sort through as well.

This web site is intended to provide information that you can add to that you already have. You are trying to build up a picture of what to avoid and what will suit you best. There are scams within all the business areas you can think of. For example – internet marketing – the easy way to riches? Well some people are making millions, some hundreds of thousands. However there are many people pouring money into useless schemes that are only enriching a few sharp practicing businessmen and scammers!

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