There are many people who aspire to be their own boss. They want to leave behind the nine to five and daily grind in order to be free of the sometimes oppressive framework of the typical workplace. Working from home can offer many the chance to achieve this goal.

Part time home working is a way that many start the process of leaving their normal ‘day job’ in order to demonstrate that it is possible to earn an income themselves. By starting small, a few hours a week, it is possible to develop the confidence needed for when the break is finally made and the support of an organisation and a regular income is left behind.

Many workers feel secure within their workplace, working 9 until 5 for perhaps 48 weeks of every year. Without this security working at home they would flounder, nobody to talk to and nobody to tell them what to do! Others however crave independence but making the break can be equally hard for them. Although wanting the freedom of working for themselves, perhaps after many years of institutionalized working, too sudden a change would not be easily tolerated. This is why part time home working might very well be the stepping stone that they need.

Even if the long term goal is to run a different business, starting part time home working can achieve three positive and different benefits:

1. It could be a low risk practice period for the ultimate planned self employment.

2. It could develop self discipline needed to work away from the normal workplace.

3. It could potentially provide the seed money for the eventual break away from full time employment.

Therefore working from home part time could provide an ideal first stage in moving forwards towards the self employed goal by reducing the risk and even providing some small business funding.

Even if the aim is to buy a shop for example, or set up a small factory in a rented building, part time home working could commence by testing small batches of sales over the Internet or manufacturing prototype products in a home garage. There are many other different types of business that anybody could do for a few hours a week, whether they spend the rest of their time working, studying or looking after a family. As a start up business opportunity, part time home working is ideal, and can be as little or large as the individual wants.

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