If you are thinking of working from home, to earn extra cash or to replace your full time career, but are unable to afford much in the way of investment, there are ways that you can get started. In fact working from home in many different fields has one of the lowest start up cost requirements of all profitable business opportunities.

You can start from two points:

1. You already have a computer and therefore its cost does not need to be factored into your business start up.

2. You do not have a computer and buying one would be prohibitive.

I am going to assume that you must go down the route of starting a business without a computer – and are unable to simply go out and buy one. At $1000 typical cost, they are a significant investment.

The alternatives that involve both working at home and no investment can include some of the following ideas:

  • Taking in dogs for owners who work a full or long day. You would be able to care for 2 or 3 dogs, talk them for walks and keep them happy and secure. If you have a garden you could fence off a run area. Clients would drop off the dogs each morning on their way to work along with food supplies etc.
  • A similar idea would be to provide care services for children after school for example. Depending on your place of residence you may need some form of accreditation for this!
  • Envelope stuffing/jewelry assemble etc. This can be hard and mundane work – but it is possible to earn for no outlay.
  • Writing article copy for friends and contacts (subcontract your services to Internet marketers)

Your options increase dramatically if you are happy to work in clients’ homes, other venues etc. You can be more flexible in your approach – clean cars, collect shopping etc. However, without even modest investment, no cost work at home businesses are a little limited in their scope. Setting up a home business on a shoestring, i.e. you can invest a little, is much more likely to result in success. It is very true when they say that you do not getting something for nothing! Also guaranteed profitable businesses for no cost are likely to be scams – there will be a cost somewhere and it may be hidden at first.

Business Opportunity Market’s advice to anybody who wants a no cost business to work at home is that there always has to be a little cost – little cost, little effort = little return. Real business opportunities require some investment and a lot of commitment.

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