If you have ever been attracted to the concept of network marketing (or multi level marketing/mlm) it will be because you see the potential in developing a web of sales persons who are all working as self employed individuals building their own business and at the same time contributing to your income.

The only way such a business can work is if you are a people person and are good at networking with others. You must enjoy meeting people, giving presentations and chatting to strangers. In short you must like people. If you recognise these skills in yourself you may still be dissuaded from entering the network marketing industry as a distributor because you have done some research and have uncovered a lot of adverse reports of overselling and marketing hype within the field.

However, Network Marketing can work if two main factors exist. The first is as mentioned above – you are an excellent people manager. The second is that you need to find a reputable framework within which to work. If you fear failure as a result of joining an exploitative program, as many of the reports of disgruntled but otherwise capable recruits suggest, why not consider setting up your own Multi Level Marketing Business from scratch?

Purchasing Network Marketing Software allows you to build your own business selling any products you like. You can choose high quality ranges of goods and therefore develop an up-market and respectable selling company using the potentially lucrative techniques of network marketing. It is a way of avoiding the over marketed mlm leads that you are bombarded with as soon as you show an interest in the business and also the steers you clear of the scams that usually turn out to be pyramid schemes dressed up to look like bone fide mlm programs.

Free network marketing software of any use is not available and there will be a cost associated with setting up your business. This is only to be expected for any reputable start up. However, network marketing software from a reputable supplier will provide a robust framework for your business that allows you to concentrate on building up a team of recruits to sell your products. It can often cost you less than setting up as a distributor for many of the existing mlm companies!

Instead of operating as a distributor for an mlm company where you receive only a tiny portion of the profits, by owning your own network marketing business you can earn much more by investing the same amount of effort. You set the rules and decide what to sell. You are the one to reap the reward of finding a supplier company with an appropriate range of products to sell.

A network marketing company can be set up using the Internet from your home base. The business provides a service to manufacturers and distribution organisations. You are providing a sales solution for them by developing a team of network marketing distributors of your own. Your team will only be paid on results, and therefore staffing does not present a cash flow problem.

Reputable network marketing software that can act as a framework for your new business must be chosen with care. Here are a few points to consider when researching the many providers advertising their wares:

  • It must allow you to use your self hosted domain name for your web site
  • Allows adjustable commission levels for different products being sold
  • Does not limit numbers of recruits to your team
  • Has a communication function for the various member levels
  • Commission reports, turnover earnings etc can all be viewed in ‘real time’

The big test for the software is whether or not it will do what you want it to do  – and therefore a trial period should be negotiated in order that you can work with it for say one month to get to grips with its functionality. A period of free network marketing software use will also helpyou to get to grips with the downline structure and give you the opportunity to make any changes that you consider appropriate to your vision for your business.

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