Some people seek a more entrepreneurial working environment than the 9 to 5 grind. They are always looking for profitable business ideas and ways to earn more money. For some an income opportunity that they can run from a home base is preferable to driving to work each day. A profitable network marketing business opportunity can add a valuable income stream to the person who wants to work from a home base or even provide a substantial level of earnings itself.

Network Marketing, sometimes called Multi Level Marketing or MLM, is used by many companies to sell products using a network of self employed sales persons. It is every bit a legitimate and respectable method for selling, but has in the past become confused with the rather different pyramid selling scams.

It is essential that the right mlm network marketing leads result in a business that is selected for a person’s own needs. This makes the process of seeking a network marketing lead the most important part of setting up a new business in this arena.

A common problem causing network marketers to fail is when things may be moving a little slowly at the start and they are continually dazzled by the selling hype of new programs. People will always be trying to get them to join their down line by offering a new network marketing lead. This means that some jump from one program to a new one and never really give any a proper chance. Growing a successful team that can earn you a substantial income takes time and commitment.

To persevere with one program you first need to find one that suits you. For example, I do not think I could sell health supplements very well or encourage others in my down-line to sell them successfully.

The starting point for your research must be to find a product that you like and that you believe in. Start your research on the Internet, to get an idea of what types of product are being sold by network marketing methods. Buy magazines that act as independent trade references. A couple of good titles are Network Marketing Magazine in the USA or Business Opportunity Magazine in the UK.

If you can start to narrow down the different areas to a couple, you will be ready to begin drilling down into the individual program’s details now. Note that once you make an approach you will probably be contacted by representatives or marketers from the company who will be interested in recruiting you. Keep your wits about you, try to ignore the selling hype and promises, and concentrate on the business details. You should focus on the following areas:

  • The product – is it for you – scrutinize the catalog carefully.
  • The business model – look beyond the hype to see what work will be needed to achieve the example earnings.
  • Do you like your sponsor – how much support will he or she give you?
  • How much support and training will you get from the company?
  • Get feedback from others down the line – visit forums on the Internet and build up you knowledge of the company and the way it works.

Remember, network marketing lead generation is not only looking for new types of business opportunity, it is also applied to the activity all network marketers must partake in – recruiting. So, when talking to others about particular network marketing programs, always take care. Without exception, everybody who is involved in seeking network marketing leads will want to recruit you into their program. It is the nature of the business!

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