If you are seeking an idea for making money from the Internet that does not involve you enrolling on any expensive monthly subscription course, or similarly does not require you to invest in a web site domain name or hosting account – and really will make you a valuable side line income, then follow these instructions:

  1. Spend some time considering the things that you are interested in. Take for example fishing. Start entering words connected to fishing into Google and see what results come up. Try bass fishing, fishing tackle box, sea fishing gear etc. You want to find a search term around which you are going to write an interesting article and publish it on the Internet.
  2. Prepare your article. Article titles including the words “How to…” often work very well, for example “How To Make Your Own Bass Lure”. Make sure you add some interesting and useful information to the article.
  3. Publish the article with Hubpages.com – that’s it – all you have to do is wait for people to read your article and hopefully click on the advertisements that Hubpages puts around your offering and you will receive advertising income. You will have to follow Hubpages’ instructions to make sure that you receive your income.

Now the likelihood is that not many people will visit your article to start with. You can improve the numbers of visitors by becoming a regular and supportive contributor to Hubpages, getting to know the subjects that people are most interested in. You will be writing more articles, and gradually raising your author profile.

However, you will still be lucky to see more than a few pennies coming in each month! To improve your readership you should consider actively promoting your Hubpage articles. This can be done simply by writing more articles and getting them published on different web sites. There are hundreds if not thousands of directories that will be happy to publish interesting and unique articles that you have written. They will also allow you to include one or more Internet Hyperlinks back to your Hubpage site. The more hyperlinks that you distribute around the world wide web pointing back to your Hubpage article the better it will rank in the search engines. The result is that you will get more visitors to your Hub and as a consequence your advertising revenue will increase.

For more information concerning Search Engine Optimization using targeted key words and article marketing visit the Keyword Academy and risk $1.

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