What happens if you find yourself asking the question “I need to make money today”? There are not many occasions where you really must make money today, but there will be occasions where you might want to make money today! Needing money immediately implies desperation – that you have no money (or credit) at all and need to eat. generally the need for money will develop over a period of days, months or even years. The longer you have to plan and develop a business opportunity the better chance you will have to make a success of it.

So if we assume that you are asking the question about making money today out of a desire to increase your income quickly and want to see progress immediately, is there a method, idea or program that will show you how to make money today – i.e. is there anything you can start doing that will earn you cash in hand immediately?

First of all it is not possible to make money online today – if you start working online you will likely see a return in days at the very least – most likely in several months time if you are developing Internet marketing ideas. If you try to develop your business opportunity too quickly you will likely fall foul of Google’s monitoring software that prefers businesses to develop organically in a reasonable time frame – penalising those that appear to be set up to take quick advantage of an otherwise overlooked niche area of business.

Probably the only way that you can make quick money is by offering your physical services to someone – by labouring or providing professional skills. You may then get paid as soon as the job is done – within hours!

Therefore it seems that glossy offers showing you how to make money today need to be viewed as ways to earn quickly – and must be viewed with caution. Any worthwhile business will take time and investment to develop – so if you are looking online for such a business remember that you will need to put in the effort to make it work properly.

Ideas for making money quickly online will include:

  • Selling goods on online auctions that you already own – return within a few days – setting up an eBay shop on the other hand will take time and effort to source suitable goods and set up shop.
  • Selling services over the Internet – such as writing services through Elance – return within a few days.
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