One of the quickest ways to enter the field of Internet marketing, that will allow you to work from a home base, is to start promoting simple web sites using the technique of article marketing.

Internet marketing involves setting up a web site and promoting it using Search Engine Optimization techniques – or SEO. SEO is as much an art as it is a science with almost as many people providing diverse opinions of how to do it best as there are web site addresses it seems! An equally large body of individuals and businesses are all trying to sell you their tried and tested techniques for SEO that will guarantee you an online income.

However, SEO usually boils down to how much money you are prepared to invest in paid Internet advertisements or how much time and effort you are prepared to commit to developing your web site organically. Let us assume that you have been able to set up you web site and have successfully incorporated money making adverts such as affiliate marketing links or Adsense into the various web pages. You now have a money making machine that simply relies on people visiting your site. Now you need SEO.

Article marketing is where you write an article and submit it to a directory that publishes interesting and varied articles. Internet hyperlinks in your article will point back to your web site. When search engines such as Google and Yahoo see links pointing back at your site they increase their ranking of your site. Put simply the more links you have pointing to your site, the better your site will rank. Thus when somebody searches for a relevant item covered by your site you will rank highly in the search results and have more chance of that person visiting.

Therefore with a web site published, by writing articles you are immediately raising the profile of your business. You might have to write hundreds of articles over several months, but the level of traffic will grow from nothing initially, to a trickle within weeks to a substantial flow in several months if you put in the work. If you want to make money online fast with article marketing you must be prepared to pump out large quantities of interesting and well researched material.

If you are seeking a program that teaches you the process of article marketing from scratch, as well as providing instructions how to set up potential money making web sites but at the same time does not promise easy riches but a steady passive ongoing income based solely on the effort you are prepared to put in – why not risk $1 with the Keyword Academy?

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