Most business start-ups require time before they produce an income. Time to find customers, time to develop an authoritative web site that attracts adequate traffic and time to learn what works and what doesn’t in your chosen area. What do you do when you suddenly find yourself in the position of having to make money now. This situation means that you have no income – or too little for your needs and you have to address the situation immediately.

So if you need to make money now, short of robbing a bank it can be hard to generate cash quickly. What you can do if things are very tight is to liquidate some of your assets. This means selling some of your treasured possessions or it can mean getting rid of some of the unwanted junk that you might have accumulated over the years. This is where eBay or some other online auction site can help you to make money right now.

However, if it is a case of simply wanting to speed up your money making capability, a different approach is required. This situation assumes that you may just have enough money to live on, but you are either short or want to improve your income in order to enjoy a better lifestyle. You probably would not be interested in any business that needs time to grow and mature before the money starts to flow. For example, internet marketing requires that you set up web sites to attract traffic in order that you can earn money from your visitors interest in the products on your site. Getting enough traffic can take time – search engine optimization can be a slow process.

One of the best ways to make money now is to look at your existing job or business (or both if you work and have sideline businesses). If you examine what you are doing now, there is strong chance that you can do some aspect of it better. Do not ignore what you are doing at the moment thinking that something new will pay better. The framework for what you are doing now already exists and it is likely that with a bit of tinkering you can ‘tune’ your activities to very quickly bring in more income.

Example – your current job

It doesn’t matter what you do – you can ask for overtime or, if your job does not provide for this you can negotiate a productivity based bonus perhaps. If either of these ways is not possible you may be able to duplicate your skills in your own time for private clients or for another employer. Try the outsourcing website

Example – a sideline business

If you currently have a sideline business you must step up the effort you put in! Instead of working as and when you can, set aside a specific amount of time each day. Even when you are tired after a full day at your normal employment, you are going to have to put in a further 2 or 3 hours in the evening working on your business – if you want to increase the potential income quickly. For example, if you are trying to raise your web site’s profile in order to receive more money making traffic – you simply need to write more content for your site and more content to submit for back links. The more you write – the more traffic will come!

In order to make money now you must be prepared to put in extra effort – there is no doubt that by increasing the diligence with which you approach either your day job or your own business – there will be a corresponding rise in income almost immediately.

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