This article explores the general feasibilty of making money online. Many people seeking a profitable businesss opportunity are often looking for an easy income. Some hate their nine to five routine and are looking to replace their job. Others simply want some more money, and after reading many of the online advertisements for various work at home income opportunioties, see their home computer as a route to easy riches.

After much research it is possible to confirm what is probably just common sense – there is now way to make a lot of easy money online. There are ways to make money easily, but to make significant amounts takes the application of sound business priciples, hard work and generally the investment of resources (including time and money). Looking at these areas in turn:

Application of good business practice

This is probably the biggest barrier to hopeful people making any sort of reasonable income online. Every week thousands of people subscribe to programs sold over the Internet claiming to offer the formula for online riches. Most of the people paying sometiomes quite a lot of money will never make anything themselves. The only people benefiting are the “gurus” who take the money! However, that is not to say that nmany of these programs do not work – in fact many of them do as they are simply a variation of the same theme – targetting traffic to landing pages that have pay per click advertsiements or affiliate links.

Once you have learned a number of basic ideas, you can see how it is possible to make money online. First you select a “niche area” or subject that is of interest to a reasonable group of Internet users who are likley to click on links on your site. Selecting this niche area requires marketing skill and an understanding of the dynamics of the Internet – but it is possible for most people to come up with a fair subject area with some potential for making – say around $50 per month. Then you build a web site around your niche – within a short period of time it is possible to learn how to do this, post some interesting content and add you pay per click advertsiements. Next you need to promote the site – to get some visitors, a proportion of whom will click on links and earn you money.

So far – so good. It has been possible to set up an online income generator – but turning it into a substantial income now needs the application of the busness skills mentioned above. Some of these can be considered as follows:

Market Research

Undertaking market research takes time. However, without it all your efforts building web sites and promoting them diligently might earn you zero revenue. You have to research the areas in whjich to work and how to exploit them properly. You have to judge the competition and match this to the investment you are prepared to put in. failinmg to incropoprate market research into you initial and ongoing business planning means that you are destined to either fail completely or at least opperate un-profitably.


Setting up one web site is not enough. You need a repeatable business model so that you can benefit from economies of scale. You need to insure your business against some sites performing badly or facing unforseen competition. You need to allocate your time where it will be utilised to the best extent. recording your activities means that you can make decisions as you go alopng based on result Рfine tuining your business so that it becomes and stay  profitable.


Time will always be a constraining factor. There will be a limit to the number of areticle marketing activities you can do yourself and therefore the number of income earning web sites that you can not only set up but maintain with back links in order to get them ranked with the search engines. The solution is to pay somebody to write content and articles – and even to p[ost them for you. You are effectively building a team of staff – by outsourcing. This needs to be done carefully otherwise the costs will outweigh the benefits very easily – it is however the only way to grow an online business into s substantial income. You are effectively employing another important business skill – delegation.


You skills in running a business will be tested severely when running 50, 100 or more web sites. You need to manage them – reduce the risk of having them all on one server, coordinate the posting of content and back links, record all financial transactions to minimise your tax burden (yes you will be running a business like any other – do not wait for the tax man to catch up with you!)


There are no easy ways to make money online. If you look at the typical revenue stream of somebody who spends a year trying to develop an online marketing business – they probably look something like:

January – zero

February – zero

March – zero

April – $5

May – $7

June – $10

July – $9

August – $11

September – $20

October – $30

November – $35

December – $45

Most p[people will give up after a month or two. Of those that are left, only a handful will last until the end of the year. By this time only the most dedicated, with solid business plans and an appetite for some business risk, will continue. Taking these figures as typical is reasonable – I have seen many people report similar and my own experience bears them up – but what happens for the tenacious few who continue with a lot of hard work and invest everything back into the business? Try the following for year 2:

January – $50

February – $100

March – $200

April – $500

etc etc – the revenues start increasing due to a number of factors. You have learned a lot over the first year and are consistently applying it to new sites you are setting up. You have shrewdly increased your productivity by investing in outsourced workers such that you maturing business framework is becoming increasingly attractive to the search engines and those that visit your site alike. There are easy ways to make a little money online, but by the application of sound business ideas (including patience) it is possible to make a substantial amount.

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