One of the main aims of this web site is to encourage and support people who are interested in making some money from the Internet and to also dispel the myth that it is easy to make money online!  Actually it would be fair to say that it is not easy to make money using any method, online or not. Sometimes it can be very hard to make money, but whatever method used it is never easy. It may be easy to con people into parting with money for little in return, but as a method to make easy money online that is not for you or I.

The trouble is that the Internet is a powerful tool for selling anything, be it a scam or a valid product.  There are so many people out there anxious to find a way to earn more money or give up their day job to work from home – and an equally huge number of entrepreneurs willing to sell them dubious methods.  I came across the concept of affiliate marketing some years ago and felt that it could offer a source of income for me.  However, time has gone by and I am not earning money this way!

Why have I not earned (much) money affiliate marketing? Because it is not an easy way to make money online.  It takes more time and investment than I can afford to give – without giving up my day job that is. A good affiliate site can make millions, but will cost millions to build and run – potentially making a substantial profit for the owners. Whatever the size of the site it must be set up professionally and be marketed in the same way.  It is a business like any other.  It is not so easy to sit in your bedroom, knock up a website and expect to earn lots of money.

Yet many of these “how to” affiliate marketing programs are sold as failsafe “autopilots” that will churn out revenue for you while you sleep.  If this was the case then the person selling the program would do better to keep on setting up new sites surely?

I could list instructions in this article how to earn money from affiliate marketing:

1. Research a niche area that could be profitable for you and is something that you have an interest in so that you can keep up an enthusiastic approach.

2. Research “keywords” associated with your niche that can be targeted and will attract value – this is a subject that could fill a book – suffice to say here that you need to find a way to acquire a keyword with “potential” that attracts large quantities of web surfers looking to buy something related to that keyword – and is a key word that you can promote your site for readily.

3. Set up a web site – WordPress blogs are so easy to set up and edit to look professional – add Amazon or Ebay affiliate links – or even Google Adsense using readily obtainable software that upgrades your web site to a selling site (monetization).

4. That’s it – your online business is set up – your autopilot business is ready – time to set up another, then another…

But just a minute, nobody is going to visit your site yet.  Even if you get your product niche right and your keywords are understood – you still have to do all the work now – to get traffic to your web site.  This is why people still think they can make easy money online – they do not appreciate that the biggest part of the battle is to push the web site up the Google (and other search engines) ranking for the chosen keywords.

There are many companies that specialise in search engine optimisation. They will charge huge sums to increase your web site rankings. If you have a niche site selling blue widgets, you will want your site to feature on page 1, preferably in the top positions, of Google if somebody uses the search term “blue widgets”. When this happens, you will start to make money, whatever you are selling. If you do not want to pay somebody to do this for you, then you must list your site in the directories and build back links to your site and this could be a full time job for months/years.  It is possible, and you can promote several sites – for example writing articles to post on article directories with links back to your site. You can pay people to write the articles, as many of the search engine optimisation companies do, thus gearing up your business.

So it is possible to make a career out of the Internet – as a marketer. However, it is not easy money but it does develop as passive income. Residual income can be earned from any web site you have set up long after you stop working on it. So if you do build a web site portfolio, the benefit is that work put in now will reap dividends for months and years into the future.

If you are interested in building up a part time or full time residual income stream, try looking at the Keyword Academy web site. You can try their program for a month free, using Paypal which you can cancel easily. However, most people let their membership run and start paying the $33 every month as the information available and the tools supplied are actually quite amazing. I am not a member now but did learn a lot over around 12 months – and am considering signing up again particularly for the access to very high quality backlinks that I will need if I am to develop a profitable online business!

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