There are thousands of ways that you can learn how to make money online. One of easiest ways that I have found is to create niche sites. These are sites that are very informative and educational sites about a product of some sort.

A good start is to consider subjects that you are knowledgeable about, or have an interest in. This means that writing articles on the subject is much easier and results in more informative text. For example you may be very interested in new and emerging technology, and want to write up a site about Motorola Cell Phones. You would get on to Google and do some homework on the best of the best and look for the goods and the bads of this type of phone.

Then you would put it all in your own words on to your web sites. Setting up web sites without having a detailed knowledge of software or programing language is surprisingly easy.  Here are the outline steps to get a site up and running

1-      You need to buy a domain name and get it hosted by an online company. You can usually buy a domain and get it hosted all from the same site. For example can do both for you. The process is simple and yourv are led through the steps online. Downloading a WordPress Blog site is also easy and further step by step instructions are provided by your host.

2-      Then you need to add the content to your site. I would do about 5 to 10 posts that are about 400 to 500 words long each. Make them very informative so that when people come to your site they find the answers they are looking for. If you do this then Google will love your site and they will eventually rank you higher in the search engines which will bring you more traffic.

3-      Last I would install Google Adsense on the site. Again this is easy and your WordPress blog site can be quickly updated to do this automatically for you. You can get paid every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement that is on your site. You can be paid anywhere from $.10 to $1.00 or more for every click that you get.

4-      Submitting website to Google. I would submit your site to Google so that it get’s indexed fast. Your Google browser wil direct you to their appropraite web page for this. This will bring visitors to your site faster than if you just let Google find your site on its own.

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