If you have decided to enter the network marketing industry you will need to find a suitable program that you are able to promote. This means that you must have confidence in the product and the ability of the business to make money fro you and your down line.

Your task is now to build your down line. This involves recruiting a team of other people who are interested in promoting the particular business you have chosen and also to build their own down line. In turn this next level of recruits will seek to build their own team – thus you will hopefully be sponsoring a web of many layers of sales persons each of whose sales will contribute to your own income.

To recruit people you will use traditional marketing methods such as advertisements in local papers, flyers through doors and leaflets dropped wherever possible (you must have seen these pinned to traffic signs as you approach an intersection or roundabout). You are trying to build as many leads as possible and bring these people to meetings where you can tell them of the benefits of joining your team.

Having a well promoted web site can also help, but one popular way that appears to be gaining momentum is for mlm sponsors to buy mlm lead lists. Network marketing leads mlm can be purchase in lists of any number, 20,000 – 500,000 say. A typical price for a list of 100,000 names will cost around $150.

The mlm lead lists will include names, addresses, email and phone numbers that will allow you to send your own marketing material out. The intention is that you use email to contact large numbers of potential recruits in the hope that a few will respond. For example if you achieve a 1% return contact rate you will have obtained 1,000 target leads for $150.

The big problem with purchasing leads in this way is that the information bought is of poor quality. Each batch of leads will have been sold to dozens if not hundreds of eager business developers like yourself, making the 1% return in the example above highly unlikley. Any person receiving a dozen emails from different network marketing programs is most likely to hit the ‘delete’ button very quickly.

Therefore, a targeted approach involving fliers and posters, mail drops and a good web site, will reap the most cost effective returns. Word of mouth will kick in when your team of quality net-workers starts to grow and momentum will increase as these in turn start recruiting themselves. By concentrating on giving the few good people you can recruit some quality training and support, instead of wasting your time buying 1000s of useless mlm leads, you are more likely succeed in network marketing.

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