The label “Jobs For Mums” is often used throughout the Internet because these are popular search words used by many who are looking for a part time job that can be fitted around other commitments such as looking after young children.  The term could be just as valid for a “Dad” or “Pop” who stays at home to look after the children has other restrictions that does not allow him the flexibility of going out for a regular day’s work.

So, if you will excuse the rather sexist use of the term Jobs For Mums, we will concentrate on the issue of work that can be carried out at home, picking it up and putting it down to suit the daily timetable.  This type of work needs to be time independent of course, and lends itself to payment by results tasks.  It is not so easy to commit to fulfilling deadlines, but if you are able to produce goods or services that are always in demand then you are more able to work flexibly.

Many jobs can be adapted to such a flexible approach.  They can include self employment and working for an external organisation.

Self Employment

One of the most obvious advantages of both self employment and working from home is the increased amount of flexibility whatever work is undertaken.  Effectively you can choose to do a job or not, without a great deal of commitment. You can do it at home, and therefore can stop and start to suit. Working for yourself is by far the best way for somebody with other commitments to continue to earn a living.

For the mother or father who has to look after their children, a rewarding and lucrative business to start is a day care nursery. This is one end of the scale, and involves starting a proper business with suitable investment in premises, staff and equipment – but it does allow ones own children to be taken care of at the same time.  At the other end of the scale could be writing for a living. Journalism suits part time working as you can write when you want, from a computer and desk at home (or indeed anywhere) and you will only get paid for what you produce.

Home Based Employment

Many people, when starting a family, will move to a home working arrangement. They may be employed as bookkeepers, data in putters or copywriters for example. Given the excellent communications available with the Internet these days, many employers can save substantial office overheads by allowing a proportion of their staff to work at home.  Having a part time employment of this nature can suit some mother’s or fathers wishing to work around their school run and afternoon activity commitments for their children.

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