Keyword targeting means finding what keywords people are using on the Internet search engines the most and then building a web site that targets those keywords.  However, as with all business opportunities it is not just the simple idea, but the way in which you apply the idea and the effort you are prepared to put in.

For example, you have to choose the correct keyword.  This means a keyword that not only has a lot of potential to earn money but is not contested in such a way that your efforts to raise its profile in the search engines is impossible.

I will illustrate this with an example.  I am very interested in Scuba Diving and think it would be a good idea to set up a site where I can upload interesting articles about the equipment used, places to go diving and other informative bits about the sport.  As a hobby site I could make a bit of money by placing Google “Adsense” advertisements on some of the pages.  Then, when a site visitor clicked on one of these from time to time I would receive payment from Google.

So I check out what key words I should be including in my narrative on my site and in my HTTP code in order to get ranked by Google.  I look at obvious word such as “diving equipment” and my research tells me that about 210,000 people are searching using these words every month.  Whats more, advertisers are prepared to pay £1.12 for each time someone clicks on one of their paid Google adverts.  This means that every month Google is paying out about £100,000 to web site owners just for this one little phrase being used to get traffic.  Wow!  Think of all the other words used by people interested in buying some “diving equipment”.  They could use Scuba equipment, dive equipment, scuba goods, wetsuit, aqualung …… the list is endless and for each of them there is a supplier willing to pay something to Google to get traffic.  The size of the Internet marketing spend is massive and the Google example is a huge part of it.

Wow again!

But try putting “diving equipment” into Google.  Look at the sites that come up.  These are sites that spend vast sums of money ensuring that they do rank with Google (not just for the paid adds).  Can you compete with them?  You need to know how to choose a keyword that is:

a) Valuable i.e. has potential …and

b) Has not been properly exploited by your competitors

So make sure you do not listen to anybody who says that keyword marketing as a business opportunity is an easy way to make quick money.  By all means listen to the person that says you can make money but you must work at it – that is different.  It is not a get rich quick scheme but is a business opportunity that is currently heading up the “Top 10 Potential Business Opportunities” ranking!

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