Setting up home based Internet businesses are more popular today than they ever have been during the 20 or more years that the world wide web has been in the public domain. We are well past the massive successes and failures of the 90s – the ‘dot com’ era and now have a whole industry of Internet sales and marketing opportunities that are providing substantial incomes for 1000s and probably millions of people who are prepared to put in the time and effort (there are no easy riches) to make the business work.

The advantage of a latter day home based Internet business over a typical dot com boom and bust style opportunity is that it can be started with very little financial input and very little technical expertise. Common sense, hard work and a reasonable eye for business really can prevail with a home Internet business.

An Internet business can be set up from a home base easily. All you need is a computer and broadband Internet access. Broadband is a must, but fortunately the number of regions that are still unable to receive a fast download speed are dwindling and it is always possible to sign up to mobile broadband or get satellite connection.

There are any number of different businesses that you can start on the Internet. As an example take a simple hobby blog site that has been set up to host Google Adsense advertisements so that visitors to the site will click on these and earn you money. A very simple business format that works for many people. In fact there are some that make vast sums from this alone. What makes such a business successful can be summarised in two points:

  • the site subject matter generally attracts Google adverts that are valuable; and
  • the site attracts a large enough volume of visitors of which a large proportion are in the market to potentially buy something that is being advertised by the Adsense

Getting the right quantity of the right type of visitors to your site is not achieved by simply setting up a topical and interesting site – you need to tell the visitors how to get to your site. This can be achieved by Search Engine Optimization techniques of which there are many schools of thought and “surefire” ways to success. Chances are that you will be signing up to some mentoring organization that promises to show you how to do this.

You will have selected a business opportunity that you have researched and are happy has an honest business plan to show you how to maximize the income potential from your web site. Now you need to follow the instructions given diligently. More people fail in this arena because they are unable to keep up the momentum for as long as it takes. They get bored if they are not making money within a week.

Unfortunately organic Internet Marketing like this takes time, and it might be 6 months before you start to see a trickle of income. Keep up the work and substantial earnings are possible after another year. After three year of hard work the income stream can be very impressive. Set up several sites, say one a month, and the potential for dot com scale earnings from your Internet home business are possible!

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