One of the strong messages that is coming out of the posts on this web site which aims to review all forms of business opportunities is that there are many possibilities available but choosing a good one can be quite difficult. This applies especially to Internet business opportunities. Because these are by their nature Internet based, finding a suitable internet business opportunity will require a great deal of surfing on the web!

In order to highlight the difficulties in choosing a feasible and profitable business opportunity an experiment was conducted using the Google search engine to analyze the top 5 results when the search terms ‘Internet business opportunities’ is targeted. Each of these results was assessed for their potential and conclusions formed as to how well a business, developed from each of the sites, would perform.  The exercise was carried out on and then repeated for in order to be able to compare UK and USA targeted web sites. The results were somewhat surprising!

UK #1 Number one ranked site

This site was an e commerce site selling business packages that allowed you to quickly set up a website selling drop-ship sourced goods. For only £19.95 (limited time offer as usual) you could be up and running in half an hour selling anything from adult items and lingerie to beauty products and gadgets. The web site templates that were said to be search engine friendly were very professional looking and the site was well presented. The only criticism of this site was that though I believed the business plan would work – no mention was made of the effort, commitment and expense that would be required to raise the web sites sufficiently in the search engine rankings that they would start to attract traffic and therefore business for you.

UK #2 Number two ranked site

This was a information site monetised with Google AdSense together with a massive number of affiliate links. No doubt this was a site written by somebody who had got to grips with many of the ins and outs of Internet marketing and was putting much of the theory into practice to make him or herself some money. A good site to get ideas from but not one that was selling you an Internet business opportunity.

Many of the affiliate links were with the sorts of web site that spring up every time you research the likes of Making Money, Internet Business Opportunities or Working From Home. They are web sites configured to fit every bodies computer resolution and so appear as a column in the center of your screen. The scroll bar at the right indicates that you have a long way to read, to learn of all the one-time-only bonuses you will receive, before you will ultimately reach the inevitable ‘click here to buy’ button. On this site you are being offered e books.

UK #3 Number three ranked site

This was a drop ship broker offering wide ranging services that included ready to use business plans in a similar way to number #1 ranking site above. Drop shipping is one of the viable business opportunities on the web if you are able to put together a well managed operation. Of course there are many web sites that purport to tell you how to do it and even set up “turn key” operations – as number #1 and #3 sites above do – the trick is to research the provider, not the method. Alternatively this is one business where it is possible to carry out research (not only on the Internet but you can find hard copy books about drop shipping methods) and start your business from scratch yourself.

UK #4 & #5 Number four and five ranking

Both of these sites were business broking sites offering a wide variety of both conventional and existing established businesses for sale. If you have money to invest, this may be the route to take. You will of course need to carry out serious due diligence on any business opportunity bought as a going concern for a substantial sum of money.

Moving along to Internet Business Opportunities in the United States, the following top five sites were examined:

USA #1 Number 0ne ranking

This was a simple AdSense site (Google sponsored advertisements) together with various affiliate links. It was a typical affiliate ‘landing page’ with links for business opportunities such as ‘Make Easy Money on Autopilot’ and ‘Make Money at Home Affiliate Marketing’.

USA #2 Number two ranking

This was a general job search website and the page link was to an article discussing the scams to be found on the Internet – saying that the various money making businesses were ‘dot cons’.

USA #3 Number three ranking

This appeared to be a useful Internet business opportunity research site similar in many respects to the UK #2 site. The author clearly knew a lot about Internet search engine optimisation and provided a ideas for businesses to start. Her site was ‘monetised’ with AdSense and affiliate links that would earn her an income from her traffic.

USA #4 Fourth ranked site

This was a general article site with AdSense and affiliate links. It was discussing Internet businesses generally.

USA #5 Number five ranked site

As with the UK #4 and #5 ranked sites, the USA number five site was an Internet business broking site offering thousands of established web sites for sale. If you can do your research well and find a reputable broker that will sell you a site that already has a stream of traffic in an area that you would be interested in exploiting further, this can be a way to speed up your business start-up time.


Having looked critically at five sites from the UK and five from the USA using the same search terms of: internet business opportunities, it appears that the quality and credibility of the sites is surprisingly very high. Although one of the sites was clearly a landing page for quick earnings for the owners, others offered a lot of information to the researcher or bone-fide business opportunities for sale.

The drop shipping opportunity is worth further research. This is a way to sell a tangible product without the expense of keeping stock yourself. You sell goods for the stock holder, and take a commission when you make a sale through your web site. The order is processed and dispatched by the drop shipper along with taking the payments and forwarding your share to you. Although it is relatively risk free, there may be an element of dealing with customer queries and complaints to manage – and the key to success will be to ensure that your own web site ranks well with the search engines for appropriate terms – otherwise you will make no sales at all!

The main point to take away from this research is that many Internet business opportunities available from the web are feasible and capable of making profits for you – some may make a lot. However, they will only work if you are able to move your web site to the top few searches when people are looking for the products or services you are selling. many of the ‘businesses in a box’ do not labor this point and the art of web site optimization, search engine optimization and winning profitable levels of Internet traffic takes further investment in both time and money. You must factor it into any business idea you are considering.

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