Have you ever wanted to start your own financial services business?  You might be thinking that it would take a lot of money to do this.  You might be thinking that you would need a college education and a resume that shines like a new car to start your own financial business.  Well here’s the honest truth.

You don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need a college education and you definately don’t need the most spectacular resume to make this dream a reality.  So how did I do this you might be wondering?

I started with a company called World Financial Group. In this article I’m going to take a little time and show you who they are, what they do, and of course how you get a part of this opportunity.

Who Is World Financial Group

World Financial Group, also known as WFG, is a financial services company that does everything from selling life insurance, annuities, investments, and even helping people get out of debt.   They have a strong financial backing by a company called Aegon and have been working with numerous companies such as Transamerica, Debtmerica Relief,  American Funds, and even Prudential Investments.

They have offices in all 50 states, Canada, and have recently opened offices in China.  In fact they recruit nearly 10,000 people a month.

Benefits Working With WFG

First off, you get the benefit of working with a team of people that will train you in running your own WFG office.  They will in a sense train you how to run your own business at no expense to you.

Second, you’ll get an extensive education in finance and how money works.  You’ll learn how to manage your own money better than you ever thought.  In fact one of the first things you’ll get is free financial consultation.

Third, the rewards are the best.  This is one area they defiantly don’t skimp on.  They give out vacations for turning out a specific amount of production, they give out super bowl size rings for earning $100k and up in cash flow and much more.

How To Get Started

Getting started is pretty simple, first you’ll want to read my review on World Financial Group and learn more about this company.

Second, you’ll want to locate the nearest WFG office by going to wfg-online.com.  In the upper right hand corner you’ll see a drop down menu which says office locator, just pick the state you currently live in.   From there a list of offices in your state will come up, just choose the one closest to you.

Third, from here you’ll have to go into the office for an interview.  This is normal procedure that you’ll have to do a couple of times.  If everything checks out they’ll start you on filling out the Associate Membership Agreement to get hired in.

From here you’ll go through a series of meetings were they will get you up and running.  Training will usually begin right away and you’ll also start training for your life insurance and securities licenses.

In Closing…

That’s all it takes to get started, just follow the steps I’ve laid out for you and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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