A small business opportunity that will suit some arithmetically capable people is a home based bookkeeping venture. If your are reasonably numerate, bookkeeping is a skill that can easily be picked up over a two week period.

Many financial training colleges or local authorities run bookkeeping courses and the latter are very reasonably priced. In addition, they are usually held in the evenings and therefore if finances are tight, you can train to be a bookkeeper over a longer period while still earning during the day.

A bookkeeping business is a different proposition to working for a business as their clerk. You will be self employed providing a valuable service to a number of clients. You may visit some at their business premises and others you may receive their accounting records at your home office. You will be your own boss, determining when and how you will work.

You can work on an hourly basis, charging between £20 and £40 per hour ($30 to $60). However, as there are only a limited number of hours each week to work this will limit your income. Aim to charge  a fixed price for a given task on a value based basis. This will allow you to charge more and as you become more proficient at your work you will develop a skill for pricing jobs to your benefit.

It would be advantageous to take a course in using a popular accounting software, such as Sage. Most small businesses will appreciate your skill in working with the accounting software they use and are more likely to call you in if you are proficient in this area. These course are run all over the country in the same way as the bookkeeping courses.

All you will need to start in business is a reliable computer (a laptop so that you can work at clients) with Microsoft Office installed in addition to a copy of Sage or another accounting programme that you may decide to promote. Building up clients in the early days will involve cost effective marketing techniques that would include leaflet dropping around industrial estates, fliers in newsagent windows and local community advertising papers and pamphlets.

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