For anybody searching business opportunity leads one of the main attractions will be to fins some form of activity that provides a residual income business. A business providing residual business means – put simply – that you can choose when and where to work because the revenue will come along later. This means that you can fit periods of working on your residual income business in between your day job and family responsibilities. These Periods of working will accumulate and eventually create a source of income that keeps coming once you stop putting the activity in.

This initially sounds like an ideal business opportunity lead – well it can be but it is worth understanding exactly what is entailed. Using an example of Internet Marketing will hopefully show you what I mean. IM is a widely popular activity because anybody with a computer and access to the Internet can take part. However, there are thousands of different ways of approaching this and there are millions of people that try and fail and many more that only make a pittance each month. There are however many others that apply a sensible approach with a measured amount bof investment and a lot of hard work who make a considerable living from IM and a few who make fortunes.

Internet Marketing revenue is one of the best examples of a residual income business. You can set up a web site easily – using “drag and drop” web editing software or free to download WordPress blog software. With a little know how you can add pay per click advertsiements to yopur site and turn it into a presentable and informative revenue generator. This takes not a lot of your time once you learn how to set up and adjust your web site – most people can learn withing a few weeks and life can be so much easier if you pay $1 and joint the Keyword Academy who will show you how and a lot more besides.

However, now you have a web site that has the potential to earn you money when ever anybody visits in the future – but you will not get any visitors until you promote your site. If you do not want to pay large sums of money (much more than you would recover from your adverts) for a consultant to promote your site or to Google for pay per click “Adwords” – you need to build links to your site so that it will become ranked by the search engines and attract traffic – thus earning you cash!

Building links involves writing articles and posting them on various directories and sites around the Internet. They all point back to your site and traffic increases. The trouble is that you need a lot of links – and writing articles takes time. So write two or thee each evening for a year – by that time you might be earning a regular monthly residual income from Google – income that will keep on going even if you stop building your links.

There is no scientific formula saying how many links you need for a certain amount of income. You need to choose you web site subject with care and if it has enough potential may well earn you $500 every month for 6 months work writing a couple of articles each evening. You might write articles for a year and still only earn $20 per month.

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