If you are involved with developing online business opportunity leads you will inevitably have come into contact with Google. It is virtually impossible to avoid and there is a good chance that much or all of you business depends on it! Google Online Business is a suite of services and products offered by Google throughout the world wide web. It takes advantage of the massive scale of the Internet and the billions of computer users that search online for products, entertainment and information.

The Internet is a massive structure of many different business “shop fronts” and other information stores. As it is so vast, Google offers various online services that support businesses and other users everywhere. Google Online Business has many strands to its portfolio, the first and most obvious being its free to all search engine. Google accounts for around 70% of search engine traffic on the Internet and so is the lead player in all e-commerce and business activities that are taking place. To supplement its search engine Google also offers a free to download Interenet browser “Google Chrome” which along with Firefox is rapidly overtaking the rather problematic “Internet Explorer” from Microsoft that for many years dominated the web.

Google Online Business also offers the following major products:


Froogle is Google’s online product search shopping search engine which is said to increase traffic and hence sales for users. It is free to register with and will reach targeted and qualified shoppers.


Any web master, representing a large business opportunity lead or a small hobby site alike, can earn money from advertisers by attaching simple code to their sites that allows Google advertisements for its clients to show. The web owner will share revenue with Google every time somebody clicks on the advert when visiting the site. Clicks on adverts can be worth anything from a cent or two right up to $20 and more. A popular site with a lot of traffic can earn substantial amounts of revenue this way.


Adwords are the paid adverts that businesses can bid for. It is their finance that is funding the Adsense revenue. By investing in “pay per click” advertising it is possible to reach a huge population of Internet surfers for whatever search times required. The more search terms you pay for the more likely your site is found – for instance if your e-commerce web site sells fishing tackle – you might want to avoid the popular “fishing” search term as this would be competitive and expensive. You might instead choose one of your key products that you sell – for example the “ACME Fishing Rod Holdall” which is much more targeted and would ensure that anybody wishing to buy this item has a good chance of reaching your site – thus making your advertising budget worthwhile. If you paid a lot of money for “fishing” you would get the shoppers for tackle yes – but you would also get the enthusiasts browsing for any information, pictures and stories about angling!

There are many other services offered by Google Online Business, designed to make money of course but also to provide a one stop shop for any business on the web. There are alternative products by organisations such as Yahoo, and it is worth shopping around. However, Google does offer remarkably good and consistent quality.

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