It is quite a popular pursuit looking for an easy to start home business. Many people want to work at home or run a business from home that supplements their income. One big benefit of setting up a business opportunity from home is that there is no travel and also that normally a home based business is the sort that you can pick up and put down as your other commitments, day job and family allow.

Is it easy to find a home based business? Definately. Is an easy home based business going to be profitable? Not necessarily. There are many opportunities out there that will gladly take your money while you think you are investing to make a lot more – with no chance even of breaking even. Therefore if you are simply looking for an easy home business to start then you need to be considering only legitimate and viable business opportunity leads.

Rather than hours and days of confusing research, why not simply start as you mean to go on – by setting up a blog web site in an area that holds your interest? Note that I said holds your interest – not necessarily one that you are passionate about. This is because you will want to find an area that is appropriate for attracting Internet shoppers and yet you will be sufficiently interested to write about – a lot.

You also will need to find a subject that has a lot of categories and sub categories. This is because you may well find yourself rewriting similar articles about similar products. Therefore you might write an article about how to fit a red widget, how to fit a blue widget and how to fit a big widget. You might write a review of a set of widgets and a review of a widget holder. You simply need a subject that has a wide variation of items all surrounding the same subject area – and prefrebly be something people are looking for on the Internet – everbody is always searching for where to buy widgets, and so will always be putting different variatiosn of “widget” into the search engines. As you web site grows and becomes more authoritative about widgets, so your traffic will grow also.

I can recommend a good program that will teach you how to set up a WordPress blog for about $10 initial outlay and about $10 monthly web hosting fees (though I managed to find a provider that gave a great introductory offer of 12 months free web site hosting and 6 free domain names – bringing my total outlay for the first 12 months of my blogging business to $1. It is called the Keyword Academy and costs just $1 to join for a month – with an easily stoppable Paypal arrangement and the opportunity to amass all the knowledge you need to get started in that month (I was happy to continue with my subscription as I realised like many others that this was a viable income earning opportunity).

The $1 is for the program that tells you how to download a WordPress blog for free, configure it easily (without any computer skills or programing knowledge needed), how to choose a profitable subject niche, how to add advertisements to it so that you can earn money and how to promote your webs site so that loads of visitors are attracted.

Yes it is an easy home business to start. Yes it will make money, and yes….you will have to work hard at it. In fact to be honest you might only make $50 a month after 12 months hard work – you might be lucky and make $200 each month. But the business is easy to replicate and if you keep on setting up one new blog site every month and spend around 2 hours per day 5 or 6 days per week – after 24 months you could easily be making $1000 to $2000 per month.

The beauty of this business opportunity lead is that it is an easy home business to start, can be run at your own speed when you have time, and will provide recurring income long after you have stopped working on your web sites – its is a residual earning business! This means that every time you write and article you are investing in the strength of your business that will contribute to your income in the future.

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