Have you ever thought of cleaning windows for a living? It is not a way to earn cash online or earn cash at home. This is a real get up out of your comfy chair and roll your sleeves up kind of small business opportunity – but also one that has hidden potential for turning into something much larger.

To start business cleaning windows you need very little investment. You will need a roof rack for your car or van if you do not already have one. Ladders capable of reaching a typical second story window that are light and easily portable are essential, together with another light shorter ladder for shorter reaches. Add to this a couple of buckets, some good quality leathers and a squeedgy to cleanly remove the suds – and all you need are some customers.

Customers can be found by walking around the housing estates and rows of houses dropping leaflets through the letterboxes. When you see a house with dirty windows, but which otherwise looks well kept, knock on the door. You will probably find that the house has been let down by its usual cleaner and is glad for your services. As you pick up jobs, word of mouth will ensure that you keep adding customers to your list.

The beauty of a window cleaning business is that you can tailor it to suit your needs. For example, you might only want to work for two days each week to supplement another business. This is easily done as you will be visiting your regular customers once every week and there is no need for them to be at home once they have agreed to a regular window wash.

The going rate for an average house will be between £10 ($15) and £20 ($30) with it possible to clean around one or two houses in an hour. Efficiency increases if you are able to recruit a reliable assistant with an increased potential for cleaning perhaps five houses an hour that are in close proximity. These rates will depend on other efficiencies such as working very hard, saving money collection to a separate day and knowing which customers are likely to be home so that you can get water quickly to cover houses where the occupants may be at work.

If you spend four days cleaning windows you might achieve around 160 houses every week. This would give you a turnover of around £2400 ($3600) a week out of which you will need to pay your assistant’s wages which may run to around £400 ($600) at the most. The fifth day can be spent collecting money and drumming up trade.

A good client list can be worth a substantial sum if you ever decide working outside is not for you, anything up to a month or two of your turnover. Clients will come and go, but you will readily build up a good following if you provide a reliable service, turn up regularly and do not try to charge too much. If working in the town or city you can always consider cleaning commercial windows, such as shop windows. Larger office blocks and anything above two stories needs to be left to those with specialist equipment – however it is possible to invest in a set of long reach mops that will allow you to get to at least the third or fourth floor of taller buildings without resorting to a crane, cradle or lift truck.

Window cleaning has been built by some into larger businesses, employing several teams. Some have even sold window cleaning franchises thus proving that it is possible to make money out of almost any business opportunity so long as you do it well!

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