Data entry work is one of the least understood business opportunities and certainly ranks highly with the most exploited ones! The Internet and the newspapers are full of opportunities to make substantial income from simple data entry work. However, the more solid opportunities will offer you hard work and a modest return for the ability to work at home at your own pace. You can expect a full time income in the region of £15-20,000 ($20-30,000).

The better opportunities will probably be sourced from reputable recruitment agents, government web sites and quality publications. By going directly to the provider of work you are more assured of not being taken for a ride by a get rich quick scam!

Data entry work does involve putting information into computer databases and is why it is often offered as an online home business opportunity. Large businesses and other organizations will provide you with hard copy data or computer files which for some reason cannot be uploaded to the main database (they may lack a common interface for example) and your task will be to enter the information via their web server from your home computer. You will need to have competent keyboard skills and likely need to be familiar with excel spreadsheets, an Internet browser and interacting with Web 2 style applications (such as eBay, Hubpages, Facebook etc).

If you are able to work for a reputable company you will no doubt receive appropriate benefits and support. Some data entry work positions will be exactly the same as being in full or part time employment. This means that you will be entitled to paid holiday and may even be supplied with your computer and appropriate training. At the other end of the scale you may be recruited but expect to provide your services as a self employed person. In this case you will need your own reliable computer and be responsible for your own administration and tax affairs.

If you are attracted to an offer of data entry work that allows you to work from home, there are a number of points to watch out for to ensure that the opportunity is a good one:

  • Do not pay any money to a recruitment agent or online opportunity – anybody that wants data entry work carried out should be prepared to pay you for the work that you actually do
  • Ensure that you are aware how much commission an agent will take from your pay before agreeing to start
  • Agree up front any time limits that may be imposed, and any penalties for late submission

Alternatively you can obtain data entry work commissions from free lance opportunity sites such as elance. Statistics show that for people accepting separate data entry commissions from freelance sources typically, only 12 commissions are taken on average. This is because by the time that 12 have been completed, one or more of these have developed into regular work.

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