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Quick Ways To Make Money

If you are dipping into this chapter in the hope of learning how to get rich quickly then you will be disappointed. If you have been reading the book you will have realised by now that I don’t believe it is possible to make vasts amounts of money quickly and easily – except by winning the lottery of course! Quick ways to make money might be needed when you are contemplating a business idea but need some capital to start with. Failure to invest sufficient capital into a fledgling business is one of the main reasons for failure, along with insufficient cash flow when it is up and running.

You might need some cash to establish a company, print some stationery or buy some packaging materials. Whatever the reason, you need to find a source of ready cash so that you can put your plans into action in order to then make the income that you want to earn. If you don’t have the savings you will need to seek the money elsewhere.

Many successful businesses, including huge global operations, have started up using borrowed money. There are many business guru’s that will preach the idea that you should never risk your own capital when starting a business, use another person’s! This is all very well, but even borrowing funds will require you to have some seed capital with which to start, and I am hoping that you will be able to realise you dream business venture without burdening yourself with risky loans.

Sell those unwanted items

My favorite method for making some cash to get started, one that I have used to great effect, is to start at one end of your home and move mercilessly through it picking out bits and pieces you can sell at car boot sales or on-line. In fact, this is a great way to start building your business empire because simply selling a few items through eBay will fuel your resolve for making money. You might even like it so much, the thrill of making a sale and seeing the money arrive in your bank account, that you continue developing this as your long term business venture! There are many eBay shops doing just this, making a good, and sometimes a great living for the proprietors.

Cut the outgoing expenditure

This is my least favourite method for making money. It is essentially making changes to your lifestyle so that you can actually save some money! Now this method might work for some people and not for others. You have to ask the question: Am I wasting my money and spending needlessly? If the answer is “Yes” then you should easily be able to save money. However, my business opportunity advice is not for persons with the sort of money problems where they have loads of maxed out credit cards and personal loans, borrowing money from friends time and time again. If you are genuinly interested in developing a business, to provide security for you and your family and more income to enjoy the better things in life, you are probably reasonably sensible with your money already. You just wish you had a bit more!

Earn some part time cash

If you are reading this chapter safe in the knowledge that your mortgage is paid this month, but that you might need to wait a few weeks until you can afford that new winter coat, then you are simply motivated to improve your lot. This means you will get by if you do nothing, but things will get better if you do something. So if you can organise your life so that you can find a few hours in which to do some extra part time work, you can ear some extra money that hopefully can be ring fenced for your new business and put to one side. Of course this will be difficult, because any additional money will likely be targeted by the likes of the new coat that you needed, but a bit of discipline might mean some is put away to start your new venture.

Do not say that you do not have time for this. You need to make time. You will be making time for your new business so for the time being, this is just part of running that business. It is the part that will get it started.

Chapter 10: The Way To Earn Money From Home

One of the biggest attractions to the business opportunity market is the idea of working from home. For some this is the only reason why they want to run their own business. Yet most people who work from home will tell you that the grass is not always greener and that there are a number of pitfalls to avoid when considering working from a home base.

Working from home can be one of the most rewarding ways to escape the daily grind of employment, even if you are still working for someone else but do not have to actually “go into work”. It allows you to plan your own time, get on with work unsupervised and very often be much more productive compared to working among the distractions of an office for example. On the other hand, many people miss the bustle and interaction associated with having other members of staff around them, and can feel positively lonely working alone at home.

Therefore, whatever business or home based employment you are researching, you must consider two main areas first before launching yourself into your venture:

  • Are you disciplined enough to work at home? Will you allow family members to distract you? Will you find any excuse to stop work to take the dog out? Will you have the TV on all day?
  • You are happy that you will be able to apply yourself to the work needed working alone at home – so how do you plan to balance this lonely working environment with some necessary interaction with other professionals?

Most people will not know if they can follow a strictly regimented approach to working at home until they try it. By setting a number of parameters early on it is possible to develop a routine that maintains the discipline. For example, ensure that you record the hours that you work, analysed into different areas that include:

  • Productive work (i.e. time that directly earns you money – for example an hour of a consulting assignment that pays you a fee)
  • Business development (essential work that helps you win work but does not directly pay you money – for example marketing and advertising)
  • Product development/research/secretarial and other business related activities

Your business plan may suggest that you need to work for at least 20 productive hours every week in order to achieve your target income. This may be 20 hours charged to a client, or twenty hours spent creating something that can be sold to bring in the amount of income that you business needs to earn in a week. It could be the time taken to find enough sales for you agency business that will again provide you with a week’s income.

Your business plan may suggest that you should be spending at least 10 hours every week developing your business, finding clients or new stock to sell. A minimum of a further ten hours may be envisaged by your plan to complete all the sundry other tasks needed in your business including administration, bookkeeping and developing new ideas.

Thus yo have a target of 40 hours every week to be spent working at your business. Now comes the part that makes working at home for yourself worthwhile! You can decide when you are going to do these 40 hours in total each week – and in fact it is a very good idea to set out a framework for this.

For example, you decide that you would like to work Monday to Thursday – starting at 8.30 when your wife leaves the house and finishing at 6.00 pm when she arrives home again from her own work. You need to take a half hour off for lunch and another half hour at 4.00 pm to pick up the kids from school. Another half hour at 11.00 am will allow you to read the paper and have a coffee without rushing.  So these four days will account for 32 hours work.  So far so good.

On a Tuesday, your wife takes the kids out to club between 7.00 and 9.00 pm so you decide that this will be your late working day. On Saturday your wife also works, usually taking Friday off (which is why you have kept this day free). Between Tuesday and Saturday you will make up the extra hours until you have your 40 in total.

This is a rather academic example, but you can see how you can fit your work around your chosen lifestyle – so long as you prepare a set framework and stick to it. Routine is the key. It is better to have set times when you know you can stop work because it is not healthy, even if you are disciplined enough to do it, to simply start work and keep on until there is nothing left to do. This approach will either gradually create a workaholic mentality – where you are consonantly at work – or it will nurture resentment of the business your are trying to establish.

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