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The question of how to earn big money through an Internet business opportunity is probably the most asked by people searching the web! It is no wonder that there are thousands of programs being advertised that promise you big money earnings for the cost of a few $100s subscription. When I began to get interested in Internet Marketing a contact of mine offered all the training courses that he head purchased for sale at a discounted price of $20,000!

This does seem a little extreme but I can assure you that there are many affiliate marketing training courses that cost $1000s each and will give you plenty of information how to earn big money from the Internet – the trouble is that contrary to what they might promise, making money is never going to be easy. It will require hard work, some investment and it will take time.

A business plan for earning a lot of money from the Internet for one person working full time could look something like this:

Year 1 – Total earnings $200 – Total Investment $1000

Year 2 – Total earnings $3600 – Total Investment $2000

Year 3 – Total earnings $48,000 – Total investment $12,000

If you consider the fact that to work full time you are giving up your salary this Internet business plan does not look very attractive! The first two years would appear to be almost impossible to get through for most people without losing enthusiasm. Even the third year does not appear to be attractive if you are currently earning a decent wage.

However, if you look at year 4, assuming that you are following a program of 250 separate keywords being targeted that you have estimated are worth at least $50 each per month:

Year 4 – Total earnings $150,000 – Total investment $24,000

Now things are beginning to look a little more rosy. However, most people will not want to wait four years to be earning at this sort of level – but many will be happy to participate part time to earn a reasonable second income? Or, look at it another way, how could you speed up the process of getting to the Year 4 figures, without hefty investment in web site creation and search engine optimisation?

I know the theory of a number of different ways to earn big money on the Internet – but do not have the time to put the ideas into practice on a full time basis. To date I have been working at a business idea very much part time for two years and am somewhat short of the Year 2 target at the moment. Therefore I am looking at the best way to grow an income of around $100 each month into $1000 within the next 12 months – but only working part time. This will be done by exploiting the work that I have already put in – which of course has a value but has not been utilised fully yet.

For example I have 80 key words that have a potential earning capacity of $7,000 per month for one web site alone. I have only targetted 30 of these keywords so far and on average have only created around 10% of the backlinks for each one. Therefore, I will post 50 articles for the additional keywords – one per week, to my site over the coming year. Then each article will require separate articles posting to respectable directories around the Internet with backlinks to my site – to be undertaken regularly over the coming year.

What is the earnings potential?

Well if I do 5 articles a week for each of the new articles, taking about a half day of my time, I believe that my monthly income will rise to at least $1000. If I do 50 articles giving 50 back links to each article on my site – every month taking probably most of my time (unless I subcontract the article writing at a cost of say $1000 per month), then I am confident my earnings would increase to between $3000 and $5000 per month – possibly as far as the $7000 estimate. If I see the potential rising I will target my other sites some more, and introduce others – everybody needs some encouragement I suppose. I know that there are many people out there squeezing in 20-30 hours every week that are seeing their earnings slowly grow into $1000s per month.

Why do most people fail?

Writing an article to post on the Internet to obtain a back link may only take you a half hour. The trouble is that you will not visibly notice any return for your effort. Any return that you do get, will impact your earnings several months down the line. Most people need to see results straight away.

So you can earn big money from the Internet – you need to invest time to learn how – time to work at your sites – and money to increase the pace at which you reap returns. Personally I think that the subject area is fascinating, and will continue to promote my sites slowly – hopefully adding valuable content from time to time that will assist with the rankings no end and provide an interesting forum for surfers. If a sideline income develops more rapidly than it has done so far (and I believe it will) – so much the better.

How the Best Internet Marketing Ideas are Born!

A lot of articles on this site discuss the pros and cons of Internet Marketing because it is a powerful tool. It can be considered in two different ways – the first is of course as a marketing method for any product, whether sold on the web, through a retail outlet or as a professional service. It can also be used as a lucrative way of making money in its own right. This is discussed not only on this site’s content but within many 1000s (probably millions) of other sites around the web.

The trouble is that most discourse relating to making money from the Internet is over hyped.  Normally you will see positive encouragement to take up one program or another with promises of earnings that can range from optimistic to downright fairy tales! Don’t get me wrong, the Internet can make you money but like any other business you have to know what you are doing, work extremely hard and be prepared to invest hard earned cash. Now I suppose that enroling onto a program and paying somebody money for the privilege takes care of two of these requirements, and a preparedness to work hard covers the last one. However, how do you decide upon the best Internet Marketing Ideas?

For me, the best Internet Marketing Idea was developed by chance. I received a free ebook from a friend who had begun an Internet Marketing career in earnest. Well, more a contact really (and I still get general spam marketing emails from him).  The ebook was a “how to” guide to use articles to develop an affiliate marketing business.  It was full of its own affiliate links and was clearly designed as a typical money making venture of dubious worth. However, it did discuss the concept of using articles to obtain backlinks for any web site – which would promote that web site in the search engine rankings.

This seed of an idea made me do some more research – and I eventually hit upon a site called “Quit Your Day Job”.  Again this site was about affiliate marketing and clearly led onto money making programs for the promoter. However, a lot of useful information was being gleaned and I began to build up a picture of how Internet Marketing could work, even if I did not know how it would work for me.

At the time I encouraged a friend to take an interest, and I suppose then lost a bit of my enthusiasm due to pressure from my normal work. Around a year later I discussed the subject with my friend who had been diligently applying herself to developing an affiliate marketing business prompted by my earlier interest.  She had learned a lot! She had learned how to set up professional looking web sites quickly and easily. She had learned that there were no quick profits to be made but that investment in time, effort and money did pay dividends like it does for any conventional business.  After a year she was making a few $ every day – now after two years it is approaching $100.  By keeping up the momentum and reinvesting a reasonable amount of the earnings this income is targetted next year as being at least $1000 – per day.  Like any other business the profit margin will be determined by how well the business is managed – but it does work for my friend.

So the idea is to take the half dozen web sites that I set up last year – and revitalise them. I chose the domains at the time after a lot of thought so there should be no reason to revisit this aspect. Picking subjects and associated keywords is a crucial part of Internet Marketing – if you understand this aspect you are most of the way to earning money from the Internet!  Adding some fresh content will not take long and then the idea will be to post five to ten back links to each new site page to get Google interested! As the sites are all page rank 1 already and are around 1 to 2 years old – they should be quite attractive by now.

In conclusion – if you are interested in earning an income from the Internet – I suggest setting up a blog site that you are interested in. Do your research using Google’s free keyword tool to ensure that your subject covers plenty of valuable keywords or phrases and investigate further what web sites are showing up in the searches for these, what information they are giving and what Google rank they are. There are plenty of free sources on the Internet that allow you to learn about how this all works (including articles on this site) and the more you know, the more chance you have of earning money. Once you do start earning a little, it is surprising how much more effort you are prepared to invest and how much of a return this could potentially bring.

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