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Chapter 6: Make Money Writing

When adding this chapter I was conscious of the fact that I earn my own living from writing. Therefore, I considered it an important section of the book to get right! Yet this is my first book, and the first time I have been published – so what do I mean by being a writer? If anybody close to me was asked what I did for a living, they would provide a few different replies I am sure, but none of them would include writing! Yet writing must fill most of my working day.

Because my business involves producing reports for use in legal matters, the writing is the most important skill that I use. I could be writing about anything, but my ability to present clear, concise and most importantly persuasive arguments allows me to market my actual “career” skills profitably.

Therefore writing can be used to create money from anything. You might not like your job and want to escape the rat race, so why not consider writing about what you do? Becoming self employed as a consultant, an expert witness or even an investigative journalist can be a rewarding and exciting business. This is despite your feelings for the job that may act as a springboard to start it.

The problem with dissatisfaction at work is that most people just want escape the boring humdrum they associate with a job that they have done for years. Even if they have moved from post to post, this dissatisfaction remains – until in some cases the unhappy individual makes the break for a completely new career. This can include starting your own business, which is what lots of people yearn for. Unfortunately in many cases this move can be a mistake. The saying about the grass always being greener is very pertinent in such cases, and after the excitement of change, reality can often lead to a miserable working existence, regretting the security you have left behind.

If challenged, I would say that you could turn any trade or profession into such self employment by becoming a consultant of some form. If your reaction now is to click off this page, just bear with me a while and consider the following:

  • What are the real reasons you want to quit your job?
  • Surely it is the job and not the type of work you dislike?
  • A major driver for change must be to earn more money?

Unless you are doing work you really despise – for example you are an undertaker and hate the thought of dealing one more day with dead bodies, or simply feel that you would like to be more creative – you can usually turn what you are doing into a business and leave behind the bits you hate. You can turn the  job into a business where you are your own boss, working in such a way that even the most uninteresting subject can become both profitable and bearable. Taking the job as an undertaker for example, you could write and manage a guide to dealing with bereavement, or even how to choose an undertaker. You could set up a bereavement counseling business, or open a forests that specialises in upmarket wreaths. I could keep on going – what about manufacturing coffins, or a business that imports them? I know nothing about undertakers, but even I can come up with loads of examples for starting a business where you have a massive head start due to your knowledge and experience. In all these business areas, there is scope for informative “how to” books that you could research and write!

Getting started

The first task that you must do is to browse round your local bookstore and have a look at the sort of books that are available surrounding your existing work. Don’t stop at your work, consider your hobbies and interests as well. There could be a whole range of relevant literature including business start up guides (that you could improve upon), technical reviews, product biographies and many more – it will depend on the nature of the area of interest that you start researching.

Ask yourself the question – could you write one of these books – even if it is a book entitled “a guide to the publications within XYZ industry”? If you can pick out a niche within your business and write a book about it – you will have to research enough information that would allow you to move ahead in the field and become a consultant or expert. You could keep writing or even move into that area as a consultant.

Why is it so Hard to Find Good Money Making Ideas

So many people are seeking ideas for making money and come across many of them in their quest – but why is it so hard to find good money making ideas? This seems to be the question most would be entrepreneurs ask themselves – almost continuously. It is why wanting to make money or work for yourself can be so frustrating but more importantly why so many less reputable people see the opportunity for taking hard earned cash from people desperate to set up a new business opportunity.

There are no shortage of money making ideas, the trick is to find a good one – not only one that will work but one that actually suits you. This is where most business opportunity seekers go wrong. They are lured with the promise of making easy money and seldom pause to think about the way it is going to be made! This is important, because if you are able to find some work or business that suits you then you will make money – and are most likely to be satisfied as well.

Take for example multi level marketing, sometimes called network marketing or mlm – this business has a reputation for providing a meagre return for those that attempt it. The companies using this method of selling rely on a regular recruitment of marketers by a small cadre of enthusiasts who are able to make significant sums from the business. An example is the top sales representative for Avon cosmetics in the UK. She runs some 1700 sales persons each of whom turn over a small sum but collectively earn her about $200,000 per year. Why is she successful? because she loves the work and in particular is able to motivate a large number of much lower achievers to earn her large amounts of commission. She is a people person and a good administrator. The business suits her and she does well. Thousands of others are lured into this form of marketing thinking that they will become rich and only manage a few $. They do not like continually meeting people, motivating them – arguing with them.

So how do you go about finding a good money making idea that is suitable for you? How do you recognise the best business opportunities? Ask yourself what it is you like to do – not the specifics like fishing or motor racing – but very general questions like:

1. Do you like meeting new people?

2. Do you prefer to work alone?

3. Do you understand business?

4. Are you financially astute?

5. Are you creative?

6. Can you write interesting content?

7. Do you like to move around or would you rather work at home?

8. Do you want to work outside?

9. Do you want a big business or a small business?

10. Do you seek recognition?

As you work through these questions you should write down answers – in bullet point. The questions will trigger more general questions and ideas will start to emerge. If an idea crops up as you are answering the questions pop down a reminder on the other side of the page to your bullet points. For example, when asking yourself about whether you understand business you might think of the idea of franchising where the business model is provided for you and you need to provide the entrepreneurial management to make it work. A little later you might come up with an idea for a particular type of franchise and this must be jotted down for future research.

You are building up what might be considered to be a “mind map” by this brainstorming. This is an effective and recognised way of reaching an initially unseen goal – and could well assist you with finding a good money making idea!

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