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If you are planning on setting up your own home internet business then you will definitely need a website. As your business is based online, the customers that you attract will also be internet based. Without a website of your own it will be near impossible to attract new custom.

In some instances a free website can work well. However, if you want to come across as professional and trustworthy you will need to spend a little money on website hosting.

Setting Up a Good Website

If you are only just starting up a new business then it is likely that you won’t have a lot of funds available. While there are definitely a few good free website hosting offers open to you, it would still be a better idea to look for a professional service. Take your time to search for “cheap website hosting” and compare as many different companies as possible. What you have to understand is that you will need a domain name as well as hosting. The domain name is your company name followed by .com or .org or whatever you choose. Many web hosting packages come with a free domain name so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about that.

It is also important to note that you can claim the cost of the website hosting back at the end of the year through expenses.

What to Include on the Site

You need to remember that your website is often the first thing that your customers will see. They will make a decision based upon whether or not to purchase from you depending upon what your site looks like. Therefore you need to ensure that it gives the best information and that it appeals to your target market. If you aren’t confident with words then it may be worth hiring a professional writer to do it for you.

Overall a website is extremely important to any business. Behind every successful home internet business is a great, attractive website.

This DLGuard review is a cursory introduction to how this sale management software can be used to manage an ebook business. While the application is not limited to use with the PDF file format (it could be any digital file type) it has become popular with ebook publishers so provides a useful template for other business models.

I was researching ways of selling ebooks online from my own server in 2007 after writing ebooks when I spotted some positive DLGuard reviews. In particular I wanted an application that was secure, reasonably priced and didn’t require much intervention on my part to either set up or administer.

DLGuard installs easily as it is simply a set of scripts for providing web pages and logic that provide shopping cart functionality to your site. All the standard cart features are there (multi-product sales, promo coupons, integrates with payment processors).

The post-sale automation is where DLGuard really shines in ebook business terms. It automatically sends an email (customizable during setup) to the customer with a unique link to their ebook. The key thing is that this link cannot be misused/shared as it has (a) a validity period and (b) a maximum download limit. This stops the vast amount of link sharing hacks that can really damage ebook publishing.

Administration is kept to a minimum. Once you refactor the shopping cart pages (to merge with your site design), configure your inventory of products and add buy-now links to your site then there is little that needs to be done to manage sales.

For an entry level shopping cart application it is certainly secure and has been proven to work on numerous sites in the years it has been running. The ability to capture your customer data and build a mailing list of loyal customers is a key benefit of DLGuard compared to going with online sales services. Admittedly, the online ebook services may see more website traffic, but you lose control of your ebook marketing and mailing lists.

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