There are thousands of websites on the internet and hundreds of investing advisors touting the notion that they have the one solution available which will beat the market.  What they are saying is that if you trust their stock trading system, you will beat all of the vast amount of information available and the millions of other investors out there.  They have the hidden secret to make the killing in the stock market.  In my opinion that is kind of like trusting the real estate man who has some land in Florida to sell you.

The Wall Street belief that is held by many is that somewhere out there is a performance fairy.  This performance fairy has all the skills and ability and knowledge to beat the market.  Many investors are running from one performance fairy to another trying to find the one trading system that will work for them.  When one falls out of favor because of the failure to perform, another one is tried.  That is really how ponzi scheme’s succeed.  There are many greedy people taking our money and selling us a bill of goods. The truth is that there are certain flash in the pan successes that these advisors can point to but what is their long term success rate?

What you need to realize is that the performance fairy is not going to happen.  The touted successes are similar to the flipping of a coin.  If you flip a coin 100 times, on average it will come up around 50/50 for heads and tails.  However, there may be certain runs of heads and runs of tails.  That is where the “beat the market” comes in.  Advisors tout their successes due to the runs but it eventually comes back at them.  The runs of heads fade out.

What an investor who is interested in buying shares in a company needs to do is to inform themselves on the fundamentals of investing.  Once you decide that you are investing for your long term goals, you can establish your market strategy and let the market work for you instead of against you.  You don’t really need an advanced degree or have to depend on your friends for the latest tip, you can apply the very latest financial research to your investment portfolio and ape the stock market.  Take control of your own financial future.

Of course, it will take some work on your part.  You will need to be willing to do some research on your part but I feel the average investor is capable of doing this.  There is an overload of information available.  Now is the best time to be able to inform yourself about the stock market and proper investing.  Even the beginner can start now with the basics and surprise themselves with what they are able to do.

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