The trouble is that when you browse for something as generic as business opportunity leads you will be bombarded with every ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme on the Internet. You will find links for various Multi Level Marketing schemes, Drop Shipping business packages and a host of other dubious ideas and programs all supposedly guaranteed to make you a lot of money.
Therefore, if you are looking to set up a new business, perhaps to start working from a home base, it helps to have some idea of what you would like to end up doing. If you are interested in Network Marketing or some other business opportunity that is heavily promoted on the Internet then proceed with care, however if not you must develop your ideas a little before searching for business opportunity leads.
The first stage is to decide upon a few basic parameters. These would include the following:
•    What sort of financial investment are you willing to make? This will decide on whether or not your field of opportunity is narrowed to simple Internet based start up opportunities or whether you will be looking to buy an established business from a respected broker.
•    Will the business be home based?
•    Will there be interaction with other people and organizations? Many people find dealing with people stressful and prefer the anonymity that the Internet offers. If you hate speaking to people over the phone, chasing up debts or negotiating better terms – then many conventional businesses will be beyond your comfort zone.
What you are really doing at the first stage of seeking a new business opportunity lead is to take a good look at what you want from your new venture. A typical result of this sort of analysis would be a business that could be started from home with very little capital or ongoing costs. The business would be part time because you need to keep working at your current job but you might want it to grow in time and replace this. You would like to restrict your real time contact to others – not because you do not like interaction but because you will need to be able to attend to your business intermittently, leaving it sometimes for days or weeks at a time when you are busy at work.
Once you have a good idea of the ‘way’ in which you would like to work you can use this framework when researching all the various business opportunity leads you will be faced with when browsing the Internet for ideas.
If you have decided to follow the route of an Internet based home business because of the irregular commitment you can make and the likely low level of investment required, you now need to be able to separate the good opportunities from the bad ones. These can be separated into five main areas of activity. Once you are clear on the area you are interested in, one that will fit into your chosen framework for building your new business, you stand a much better chance of finding your ideal opportunity:
•    Affiliate marketing – you are effectively promoting other companies’ products and earning a commission for sales that you attract for them via your own web sites.
•    Blogging – you are providing a regular feed of information to attract readers and will earn a commission from advertisements placed on your blog site.
•    Internet auctions – you are selling goods through auctions such as eBay. You need to be able to find a source of items to sell but your shop front is provided and maintained by the auction web site.
•    E Commerce – you are setting up your own web site to sell a product that you have sourced yourself. Alternatively you could utilize the services of Drop Shipping companies to avoid having to source stock yourself.
•    Freelance services – you provide a service through your own web site or through an agency such as Elance. You can provide Virtual Assistant services, carry out research or undertake consultancy assignments. Alternatively you could set up a service web site for example as a recruitment agent.

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