If you are a webmaster creating anchored links pointing at your own site, then you are probably already doing some social bookmarking as a part of your backlinks profile.  You are probably manually submitting to web sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit. And to do so, you had to create accounts.

To give your accounts more authority, the next step is to ping your profiles. Huh?  Every profile has a home URL.  Here is an example URL for the account profile of a reddit user named bookgirl5:  hxxp://www.reddit.com/user/bookgirl5   (note that the hxxp would really be http)

So you gather all your account profile URLs at the bookmarking sites to which you submit, and you ping these.  That means you submit them to ping servers.  You can do that manually or you can buy software to automate the pinging process.  Whether you ping manually or with software, you will need to ping with proxies.  This is because ping web sites block your IP from submitting repeatedly, and each ping web site has its own set of rules. For example, one ping web site might be set up to reject an IP if it has already submitted a URL within the last two hours. Other sites might use two days, two weeks or two minutes.  This information is generally not shared with the public.  So you must ping behind the protection of a proxy, which masks your own IP and allows you to repeatedly and rapidly submit URLs to ping web sites.

If you decide to automate the process of submitting to social bookmarking sites, then I recommend Bookmarking Demon. I have tried nearly every automated bookmarking submission software to come along in the past two years, and nothing surpasses Bookmarking Demon. It truly is the best social bookmarking tool on the market today.

Besides being the best automated social bookmark submitter, the Demon also has a ping function built right into it. After each bookmarking session, all your account profile URLs are already gathered, lined up and ready for you to ping.  All you have to do is feed Bookmarking Demon the proxies and ping web sites to use.  You can manually search for Bookmarking Demon proxies with an advanced internet search.

You will need a constant supply of free public proxies to use inside Bookmarking Demon, as these proxies die within days or hours of creation.  Once you find a list of ping server URLs, that list will last a very long time.  I still use a ping server URL list I was given by a friend in 2008, and it is still going strong.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of finding public proxies over and over again, you could always purchase private proxies and pay on a monthly basis.  I used to use Proxy Bonanza, but I found the list of proxies were all so similar to each other, that I really wasn’t looking very unique to the ping web sites.  The paid private proxies also slowed down the pinging process so much that there was little time left for bookmarking.  So I stopped my subscription and returned to public proxies.

This post is by guest webmaster Diane Sontag, who sells tested Bookmarking Demon proxies at her website http://bookmarking-buddy.com

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