International trade shows are held all over the world. The trade shows were first created to bring the biggest and the best companies to one central location. They can often be expensive to participate in as a seller due to their popularity with major companies and worldwide sellers, the high number of participants expected, and the large amount of exposure that can be obtained.

The sellers that take part in these shows will range from country to country but are always focused around the product or range of products that is the theme for the show. For instance the trade show may be held in Japan but the countries that take part can range from the United Kingdom to Finland – the only thing they have in common is the conference topic.

These international trade shows can vary in theme considerably. They can be for food to clothes and from toys to inventions. There are international trade shows all around the world, which deal with many topics and can prove to be very profitable for any seller or service provider.  The trade show exhibit design you’ll see at these larger events are amazing – with some displays that cost £100,000 or more to design and build.

If looking to take part in an international trade show always take great care in checking the prices that are advertised for taking a stand. The prices may only be for the space and other prices may be added later. Always check the size of the area which you are allocated, because doing this will ensure that you can prepare before hand for your space and you’ll be ready to best utilize your area.

When looking at an international trade show another key point, which must be taken into consideration, is the location. The location of the trade show can prove to be a key factor in the selling of the product as well as the cost to set up at the event such as flight, accommodations, and other expenses. This can also have an impact on the sort of visitors you can expect to your stand.

Trade shows can be a very effective way to spread the word about your product, service, or company.  Having a custom booth and a plan to maximize your participation is key!

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