Are you looking for a great business idea. Would you like to work from a home base at times to suit you. Are you motivated, self disciplined, able to work away from the constraints of a factory or office framework? Are you happy to work long hours but hours that you choose? Can you keep a project going through thick or thin, good times and bad, and see it through to the end? Are you able to write articles using a computer on different subjects that interest you?

Well if you are saying yes, yes yes…but I do not think I could be an author or journalist – think again. Internet Marketing is a technique for selling anything. It is not the product that is important – but ensuring that you can get a web site ranked by Google so that it reaches the top of the page when somebody searches for a particular keyword.

A great work from home business idea would be to write articles, get them published on the Internet, and as a consequence your web site’s exposure increases. Write a 100 articles and you can get a web site to rank at number #1! Maybe. If a web site ranks at number one it is worth money – you could even sell the web site on the open market.

So it all sounds very vague. Is there a plan which can make money that you can follow? Yes, by following the Keyword Academy’s business opportunity method it is possible to make money. The steps you need to take are:

1. Choose a keyword that has potential – “laptops” might be a valuable word but the chance of ranking for it are non existent. “compact food mixers” might be a better bet.

2. Find a domain name that is suitable for this keyword and set up a WordPress blog.

3. Write articles for the blog – on all aspects of food mixers and their use.

4. Write articles on all related subjects and submit these to article directories around the Internet (there are 1000s). It is not quite so important that anybody reads these as having links on the articles back to your web site.

5. Add Google Adsense adverts to your web site so that when people start visiting you will get a proportion of them clicking through and earning you revenue.

Simple – yes but it takes hard work and perseverance. 100+ articles might make you $1000 per year – every year. So you need to keep writing! Many people are making a substantial living with this method. It is quite feasible to earn in excess of $5000 after 12/18 months with a lot of work.

For guidance in Keyword Marketing visit the Keyword Academy

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