Welcome to Business Opportunity Market. For many people the desire to make money or develop a residual income becomes an all consuming quest. They often lose sight of what they really want and can easily become prey for scam merchants promising certain ways to become rich. In fact, most people just want to be in control of their own working life, to quit their day job and become their own boss.

This is a means to an end where some will make more money than others – but success will be much more possible if a number of key areas are addressed. Over the past few years the author of the Business Opportunity Market web site has researched the feasibility of starting your own business.  This research is presented as a concise series of lessons forming a manual that tells you how to start your own successful home based business that could prove to be the pivot you are seeking to turn your goals into reality.

The Business Opportunity Market’s How to Set up a Business Working From Home – Free Manual:

Introduction: Forget the get rich quick schemes

Chapter 1: Making extra money part time

Chapter 2: A full time income opportunity?

Chapter 3: A marketing plan or a business plan?

Chapter 4: How to find that new business opportunity

Chapter 5: Consider consultancy for easy money making

Chapter 6: Case history – make money writing

Chapter 7: Case history – A money making system that uses international trade

Chapter 8: Case history – make extra money online

Chapter 9: Strategic Internet Marketing

Chapter 10: The way to earn money from home

Chapter 11: Jobs for mums and other work from home ideas

Chapter 12: A new business that will give you a 4 hour working week

Chapter 13: Use outsourcing to make money doing nothing

Chapter 14: Case study – equipment rental business

Chapter 15: Quick Ways To Make Money (To Invest In Your Business)

Final words about the lure of the business opportunity market

If you are seeking to start in business for yourself, perhaps a franchise business opportunity or you just simply want to work from home, this is the place to start looking. Finding a home based business opportunity that allows you to earn from home can be hard – there are so many to choose from it can be difficult deciding which ones are viable and even harder excluding those that are only marketing hype or down right frauds!

Business opportunity leads are easy to find – understanding their potential is another matter. Searching for any income opportunity on the Internet can be a nightmare and so we aim to highlight some of the legitimate home based business ideas that might be of interest and some home business leads to avoid. If you spend a little time reading the articles by our experts you may well be able to avoid some costly mistakes and not fall for programs telling you how to get money or make money online fast! You cannot make money today and you cannot make easy money online.  It takes time and its not easy.

Our Internet Marketing guide and money making ideas will hopefully convince you that work at home employment is not an easy home business – the best home based business, whether it is data entry work, a Google online business or any other way to earn cash making money online, requires time, effort and usually some sensible level of investment.

Finding a small business opportunity that will provide you with a useful extra income or even a substantial replacement for your full time job can take time and effort to find. Every advertisement for a money making program will no doubt guarantee success but most will never fulfill their promises. Not all failures are the fault of the vendors of these home business opportunities though – any business needs hard work, investment in time and money together with not a little luck. If you are looking for easy riches then this site is not for you.


The articles and views contained within this web site are not intended as a substitute for any professional advice that should always be taken if you are considering investment in any business. Any opinions are those of Business Opportunity Market or its guest article writers and are intended as an informative and thought provoking forum for its readers. No liability is accepted whatsoever should a course of action be pursued as a result of information contained within this web site.

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